Power outages and social media lies

Today the power went out due to a snow storm. The kids and I were sitting around, relaxing on a Saturday afternoon while Rick was at drill when the lights went out. This is not such an uncommon occurrence for us, unfortunately. Since…



A couple weeks ago I did something I rarely do, something pretty foreign to me. I called “uncle” and asked for help. Rick was in a military meeting all weekend and when he finally got home on Sunday evening, I was grumpy and…


The journey

A year ago today I said goodbye to my love. It was a super sucky day and I cried. A LOT. When Rick left, I was standing on a precipice and I had no idea what lay before me. This was all uncharted…


The honeymoon phase

It’s been three incredibly short weeks since my husband came home. Twenty four days, to be exact, of intense emotion, love, laughter, excitement, and adjustment. At first I vacillated wildly back and forth between feeling like he’d never left and completely forgetting how…


Hurry up and wait already

Homecoming day was a ton of waiting followed by a hurried blur. I live almost 2 hours from where they were holding it and I was terrified of getting stuck in traffic and missing it so I went up early and ran some…


Why I stand

I was five years old when my parents moved here from South Africa during the height of Aparthied. As a kid I was taught the pledge of allegiance, I sang the national anthem with my hand over my heart, I learned about American…


Big deep breath

I can breathe again. I didn’t realize how long I had been holding my breath but now that I have let it out I can see how long it was held. Today the other half of my heart has returned to US soil.…


Multitasking momma

Can anyone get through life without multitasking these days? I do it so much that it feels weird when I do a single thing by itself. When I work out, I catch up on my tv shows. Making dinner means emptying the dishwasher.…



Several years ago my husband and I moved out to the middle of nowhere and forever changed our lives. It started innocently enough, we lived in the suburbs of Denver and we thought that before our son started school would be a good…


Happy anniversary!

Today I celebrate my 12th wedding anniversary without my husband, but luckily I don’t celebrate it alone. I have two dates this time around. Last year Rick was able to come home from his pre-mobilization training for a couple days and we took…