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Multitasking momma

Can anyone get through life without multitasking these days? I do it so much that it feels weird when I do a single thing by itself. When I work out, I catch up on my tv shows. Making dinner means emptying the dishwasher.…



Several years ago my husband and I moved out to the middle of nowhere and forever changed our lives. It started innocently enough, we lived in the suburbs of Denver and we thought that before our son started school would be a good…


Ahhhhhh Father’s Day

This may well be one of the more complex holidays. There are many dimensions and components of it. As a mother, it is your responsibility to make sure your kids know it’s Father’s Day and wish their dad well. There are presents to…


Proud mom moment

I have become a master at organizing my day so that I can squeeze certain tasks into certain slots. There are some things around the ranch that I just can’t do with my youngest around, mostly things with the horses. This morning I…


The best day

Today I had a wonderful day. I love days like this, I cherish them. Both kids woke up in a good mood and so did I. All day long it was giggles and smiles. The kids got along well and no one screamed…



Yesterday I discovered that someone stole one of my baby goats. Yeah, that’s right. Some despicable human being saw my heard of goats and stole one of the 3 week old babies from it’s momma. My goats love to duck under the fence…


Co-sleeping is a stupid, ugly myth

I believe pretty firmly in the separation of kid and adult bedrooms. Everyone seems to sleep better when in their own beds, I know I do. My bedroom is my sanctuary and my bed is my temple. I really enjoy sleeping in my…


Hammocks and margaritas

My mood is inextricably linked to my patience. Nothing will tank my mood faster than a slow moving line or a whiny child. Luckily I am able to rebound pretty quickly most of the time, but every once in a while I have…


The dichotomy of the mobile baby

My daughter has reached the walking stage. Strangely she doesn’t do it all the time because she is still pretty cautious but sometimes she forgets to be afraid and just walks. Now that she realizes she can go anywhere, if she is not…


Time warp

So there is this weird thing that happens with time during certain periods. I experienced one yesterday. It’s called a time warp and it super sucked. After I picked up the five year old from school I went to buy some chicken feed,…