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Several years ago my husband and I moved out to the middle of nowhere and forever changed our lives. It started innocently enough, we lived in the suburbs of Denver and we thought that before our son started school would be a good…


Proud mom moment

I have become a master at organizing my day so that I can squeeze certain tasks into certain slots. There are some things around the ranch that I just can’t do with my youngest around, mostly things with the horses. This morning I…


That darn cat

Remeber last week when I posted about my idiot cat who “launched herself at my door in a fruitless attempt to open it”? Well…. it turns out not to have been so fruitless after all. I found out today that somewhere along the…



Yesterday I discovered that someone stole one of my baby goats. Yeah, that’s right. Some despicable human being saw my heard of goats and stole one of the 3 week old babies from it’s momma. My goats love to duck under the fence…


Hooray! Boo!

I am constantly amazed by all manner of random things that happen in the world. I live in the country and with that comes a variety of sights that the average person doesn’t get to see. A couple of years ago I was…


Noisy animals!

The joys of working from home. This morning I was on a work call and one of my roosters thought it would be a good idea to climb into the tree outside my window and crow repeatedly. He was six inches from my…


The words I longed to hear

Last night I came home from a weekend with my family. It was cold, dark and windy. Quite windy. At our ranch we have a detached garage which is about a 100 foot walk to my front door. There are no lights on…


Kids and responsibilities

Ty has recently started doing things that I did not think him capable of. It’s sort of amazing to watch your child grow. I thought they made huge steps as babies but Ty has seriously blossomed in the last few months. Maybe it’s…


The great pumpkin debacle

It’s strange how our kids become attached to the most random of objects. They impart significant emotions to a simple item. To lose or break that item is tantamount to cutting off a limb in their minds. I guess adults also do it…


Boredom and tech support

Yesterday I got a new modem for my internet, along with instructions on how to install it. Easy peasy. 6 steps. No problem.   Last night after I put the kids to bed (this is the only time of day that I get…