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Double lesson day

Today was a double lesson day for me, meaning I learned two things about myself that I probably should have already known. Of course I learned these lessons that hard way. Is there ever an easy way to learn a lesson? Here’s what…


Oh Christmas Tree…

I was pretty determined not to celebrate Christmas this year. Step one: no tree. As you may know, I am not feeling very festive with Rick gone. Add that to the fact that I have a one year-old bent on destruction and chaos…


The holidays

Well today’s the day. I knew it would be coming yet somehow I didn’t think it actually would. Today is Thanksgiving. It also happens to be my daughter’s first birthday. One year ago today she came into this world and I thought I…


Parenting Oops

I did it. That one thing that in my head I told myself I’d never do. It can’t be undone, so now the real question is: will I do it again? It happened yesterday. I was working in my office and I heard…


The cold side of the bed

When I sleep I will routinely flip from my right side to my left side to get comfortable but I am not one of those people who end up in a different place on the bed in the mornings. I tend to stay…


National Preemie Day

November 17th is National Premature Day. Its a day designed to raise awareness of the millions of babies born preterm each year. Why is this day important to me? I have a preemie. In fact she came into this world near this time…


The first of the goodbyes

It’s over. In the books. The first of the goodbyes. This morning at oh crack thirty we took Rick to the airport for his flight to Texas. He will be there for several weeks before coming home on leave for a few days.…


Veteran’s Day

How do you thank a veteran? Are there ever really enough words to convey how you feel? I find myself contemplating Veteran’s Day more than ever this year. For me there seem to be two types of veterans; those with the choice and…


Honey-do list. Where good ideas go to die.

I have an affliction. Random thoughts keep me up at night. Some call it insomnia and I would agree, but the thoughts are mainly things I need or want to do. There is a list constantly running in my head. I think of…


Kidding, not kidding

So you all now know my not so secret secret. I have slightly controlling tendencies. This can be a bad thing but also a good thing. For example, the best way I know how to exercise control is to have a lot of…