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What a wild, wacky year. I don’t remember how I ushered it in to be honest. This time last year my baby girl was still in the NICU and I really operated that whole time in some weird-cloudy-zombie mode. It was the only…


Humor: the first and last line of defense

When confronted with something I tend to react with humor. Throw a variety of situations at me and at least half of them will be met with laughter, a joke or some ultra witty comment.  Here are some real life scenarios and my…


The words I longed to hear

Last night I came home from a weekend with my family. It was cold, dark and windy. Quite windy. At our ranch we have a detached garage which is about a 100 foot walk to my front door. There are no lights on…


Reality bites

Some days I hate reality. It’s useful and all but sometimes I just want to junk punch it and run screaming into my safe little dream world. I actually consider myself a realist, not to be confused with a pessimist. I see equal…


To my dear husband…

You left today. You strapped on boots, hefted a bag and left. Off to protect people you don’t even know and who don’t even care that you are doing it. Today I gave up my other half and it is crushing me. The…



I am so excited for this weekend but I also desperately want to avoid it.  Rick comes home this weekend. He gets a few days leave before the Big D. We haven’t seen him for several weeks so it will be amazing to…


Kids and responsibilities

Ty has recently started doing things that I did not think him capable of. It’s sort of amazing to watch your child grow. I thought they made huge steps as babies but Ty has seriously blossomed in the last few months. Maybe it’s…


The great pumpkin debacle

It’s strange how our kids become attached to the most random of objects. They impart significant emotions to a simple item. To lose or break that item is tantamount to cutting off a limb in their minds. I guess adults also do it…


Flat Daddy

Deployment makes me sad. There are several things about it that make me sad but the two biggest reasons are what My husband will miss while he is gone and what we will miss about him not being with us. While I can’t…


Boredom and tech support

Yesterday I got a new modem for my internet, along with instructions on how to install it. Easy peasy. 6 steps. No problem.   Last night after I put the kids to bed (this is the only time of day that I get…