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Flyin’ solo

Last night I got to attend the annual dinner event for my local BMW Club. While I am pretty active with the driving events, I usually don’t attend the social events. I really enjoy the people, but unless you are going 100+ miles…


Hooray! Boo!

I am constantly amazed by all manner of random things that happen in the world. I live in the country and with that comes a variety of sights that the average person doesn’t get to see. A couple of years ago I was…


Unwavering Support

I often see an informal debate going on about deployments and who has it harder. Is it the spouse who stays home or the one deploying? The wife (let’s just roll with this assumption because most soldiers are men – don’t flip out…



There’s this country song in which a guy sings about his brother who was killed in a war. In it he sings about how the only place he feels his brother’s presence is in his old truck. Today I was doing taxes and…


Quiet moments

It’s in the silent moments that I miss him the most. The quiet moments between hectic life and endless tasks. The brief snatches of time where I am not thinking of something else or completing a project. The seconds of the day where…



Last night I put my kids to bed and then got ready myself. I had just crawled under my blanket when my door opened. I looked up and saw my son in the doorway. He walked in and crawled up in bed. He…


Noisy animals!

The joys of working from home. This morning I was on a work call and one of my roosters thought it would be a good idea to climb into the tree outside my window and crow repeatedly. He was six inches from my…


The inner control freak rides again

My inner control freak comes out in many forms. I try to keep her on a short leash so that she doesn’t get too crazy but every once in a while she pops out in a new form that I am not sure…


Pride: an awesome thing

Every once in a great while I do something ordinary that amazes the hell out of me. Now I do a lot of things that I never even think about and some of those things are amazing, but most of them are pretty…