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Yesterday I discovered that someone stole one of my baby goats. Yeah, that’s right. Some despicable human being saw my heard of goats and stole one of the 3 week old babies from it’s momma. My goats love to duck under the fence…


Co-sleeping is a stupid, ugly myth

I believe pretty firmly in the separation of kid and adult bedrooms. Everyone seems to sleep better when in their own beds, I know I do. My bedroom is my sanctuary and my bed is my temple. I really enjoy sleeping in my…


Tags, schmags

In my house, I am the responsible one. Not to say that my husband isn’t responsible, but most tasks fall to me because I am organized and I remember things… most of the time. You’ve got to play to your strengths. I pay…


The deployment within a deployment

When my husband deployed, I wrote him a letter. There were a bunch of mushy feelings spewed all over that letter. I told him that I would miss him terribly; I told him I am proud of him and not to worry about…


Door wreaths

Occasionally I get this crafty bug that can only be satiated by making something. The prettier, the better. A couple of weeks ago I made some door wreaths. My plan is to have them sort of coordinate with the season. This one I…



I have been described as unflappable, but that’s not really true. I really am flappable, and fallible and sometimes I am prone to bouts of intense anxiety and fear. That part however, is my soft underbelly. Most people will never see that part…


Pity party for one

It seems like every time I get sick I feel miserable on many levels. Physically I am exhausted and in pain. Mentally I am tired my brain feels scrambled. Emotionally I am overwhelmed and I tend to throw myself a little pity party.…


Hammocks and margaritas

My mood is inextricably linked to my patience. Nothing will tank my mood faster than a slow moving line or a whiny child. Luckily I am able to rebound pretty quickly most of the time, but every once in a while I have…