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Wobble boards and new normals

I’m not entirely sure what I expected to experience in my husband’s first deployment. The unknown for me has always held equals parts of fear and intrigue. It’s like I can’t wait to experience something new but at the same time I don’t…



Fear. It comes in so many forms and varying degrees. Everyone has known it in their life, no one is exempt from it. Fear can be based on a solid set of facts or it can be completely irrational. It can last a…


That darn cat

Remeber last week when I posted about my idiot cat who “launched herself at my door in a fruitless attempt to open it”? Well…. it turns out not to have been so fruitless after all. I found out today that somewhere along the…


The best day

Today I had a wonderful day. I love days like this, I cherish them. Both kids woke up in a good mood and so did I. All day long it was giggles and smiles. The kids got along well and no one screamed…