Last night I put my kids to bed and then got ready myself. I had just crawled under my blanket when my door opened. I looked up and saw my son in the doorway. He walked in and crawled up in bed. He looked me dead in the eye and said “mom, we have to talk”. If you could have seen my face at that moment you would have seen me stare, open mouthed, at this strange creature speaking to as if he was the parent and I was the kid. He was oblivious to my shocked reaction and continued on to tell me that he has thought about it and he wants to sleep with the light off in his room. He declared “I’m a big boy and I think I am ready… plus it’s really bright”. The catch was that he wanted me to re-tuck him into bed after turning off the light. I gladly trekked to his room, holding his hand and tucked him in. I turned off the lamp and kissed my little boy goodnight. 

I can’t explain it but I felt like we crossed a threshold last night. The little boy I have known for years is slowly being replaced by a kid. A self-reliant, confident boy who is articulate and yet still sweet. I love this new boy, he surprises me all the time. I can’t wait to see what he conquers next.