Yesterday I discovered that someone stole one of my baby goats. Yeah, that’s right. Some despicable human being saw my heard of goats and stole one of the 3 week old babies from it’s momma.

My goats love to duck under the fence and nibble on the grass along the road. This is a very busy road and my guess is that someone saw them on the wrong side of the fence and stopped. But rather than shoo them back into their pasture, they took a baby. Who does that?!? My goats are fainting goats so if scared they will fall over. I am guessing that is how this asshole was able to nab a goat without it running away.

Why are people such creeps? I just hope that this person has enough common sense to know that this poor little baby now needs to be bottle fed or it will die. Makes me sick.

So this morning I went and spent hundreds of dollars on some new goat fencing. I really wanted to get it up today so at one point I had the baby (I guess at 20 lbs she’s not much of a baby anymore) facing backwards on my back in a baby carrier, while I was tying fences. I got some pretty weird looks from people passing by.

I can only hope that the scum who stole my goat drove past and saw me shucking two kids around and putting up new fencing in a desperate attempt to keep him/her from stealing another baby. I bet they don’t feel shame but I hope karma will bite them in the ass.

People suck.