Today I had a wonderful day. I love days like this, I cherish them.

Both kids woke up in a good mood and so did I. All day long it was giggles and smiles. The kids got along well and no one screamed their head off for more than 30 seconds, tops.

I got a ton accomplished today (laundry, dishes, working out, etc), even to the point of actually putting away the laundry – this is something I rarely do. Normally I just leave the clean clothes in a basket and pick them out of there when I need to wear them. After putting away so many loads I was quite surprised and proud of myself.

We went out to a friend’s birthday party and both kids were well behaved and had a blast. I got to actually interact with other adults, that was fun!

All of that made for such a great day and then it got even better. I got to video chat with my husband, on a good connection. For a long time! The kids loved seeing him and we got to catch up with each other. It was amazing. We laughed a lot and really enjoyed it. It was the icing on an already fantastic day.

I wish all days were like this.