Remeber last week when I posted about my idiot cat who “launched herself at my door in a fruitless attempt to open it”? Well…. it turns out not to have been so fruitless after all. I found out today that somewhere along the way, my cat learned how to open doors. Yes, that really is as terrifying as it sounds.

My mother-in-law came into my office today asking if I had just opened the door. I said that I had not and she told me that she too heard that BOOM, screeeeeeeeeech, thud sound that I had. Only this time the handle jiggled and the cat stuck her paw through and pulled the door open. I am still in shock over this information.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised, my cat is pretty smart, but this is not a skill anyone has ever taught her. Which can only mean that she picked it up from watching us humans go in and out of doors. I wonder what else she has learned from us… The thought sends chills down my spine.

I sit here wondering what I can teach her to do next! I have seen those cats that learn to use and flush the toilet… that has its advantages. I wonder if I can teach her to turn on the electric kettle in the mornings for my tea?

I know one thing for sure, I will never stroll naked through my house again. She is watching me… and probably judging me.