I have become a master at organizing my day so that I can squeeze certain tasks into certain slots. There are some things around the ranch that I just can’t do with my youngest around, mostly things with the horses.

This morning I started by cleaning the house. I even tilted the couches over and swept and mopped under them. Can I just say eeew, by the way? I found some strange stuff under there. I can do most of this with both kids around because they entertain each other and it’s indoors.

When Kenna went down for her morning nap, I hightailed it out to the barn to muck the stalls. I try to keep them mucked regularly but during the long winter months, the snow blows into the barn more often than not and it’s impossible to get anything but the top layer. Everything under that is just frozen solid. In the spring, when the weather warms up for long enough, I can finally get the six inch layer of crud out of the stalls. It’s hard work! I burned 250 calories doing it according to my watch. Afterwards I was sweaty and covered in a fine layer of smelly dust. Maybe some of it was horse poop. OK fine, I was covered in crap and I smelled like a compost heap.

A shower was essential.

Ty and I came inside and he sat down to watch tv while I jumped in the shower quickly. The baby had been asleep for about 90 minutes at this point and I knew that I had only a few left before she woke up.

I took the video monitor into the bathroom and power showered… or so I thought.

I was just rinsing the shampoo out of my crud-covered hair when I heard that telltale whine. Kenna was awake. I quickly weighed my options. I could stop my shower halfway through and try to finish later or I could kick it into high gear and let her cry for two or three minutes. Decision made: super shower time.

She started screaming about 30 second later and just after that I heard this strange noise. She stopped crying and I realized that I was hearing singing. Ty had gone into her room and was singing her favorite song to soothe her.

I dried off and gawked at the monitor for a moment while the two stood face to face, Kenna standing in her crib and Ty standing next to it, giggling and singing. My heart swelled. I was so proud of my incredibly sweet boy. He adores his sister, even though she steals his toys and pinches him regularly. He knew what would make her feel better and he didn’t hesitate to do it. This amazing child of mine loves to make people smile. He is usually happy and always helpful. I adore him. I aspire to be like him.

I am one proud mom.