Sometimes you hit a wall. This wall seems immovable, impassable. There is no way around it, over it, through it.

You stand at the foot of this wall and it seems that much bigger. It’s daunting how high it is – you can’t seen the top. Or how wide it is – you can’t see the end.

You beat your fists on it, trying desperately to get it to move. You yell obscenities at it in a fruitless bid to get it to shrink somehow. You sigh and rest your head against it, knowing suddenly that it’s not going anywhere. You hate this wall.

You have no choice but to stand in front of it and watch for any sign of weakness. Eventually a crack will open up that you can barely fit a fingernail into. You will wiggle and wiggle. Eventually this crack will widen and split but for right now it’s solid.

Stupid wall. Why do you have to pop up and smack me in the face? I thought I was doing so well… I thought I could handle this.

Some days I guess you have to just curl up in a ball next to the wall and wait it out.