This may well be one of the more complex holidays. There are many dimensions and components of it.

As a mother, it is your responsibility to make sure your kids know it’s Father’s Day and wish their dad well. There are presents to buy, cards to write, dinners to plan. Or if you are in my position this all has to be done months in advance. My kids are still too young to do or buy anything on their own. I don’t mind though, I enjoy doing nice things for my husband.

When your husband is deployed, there is a lot of forethought and planning that goes in to every event. When I was deciding on gifts for Father’s Day I had to remember to be economical with the size because he can’t get big items where he is. It also can’t be something that is very valuable as the likelihood of it getting lost is fairly high. I eventually decided on a photo book and some cards from the kids with a bit of candy thrown in to round it all out. I packed this all up and prepared to send it but the day before I did I got a message from my husband saying he might be moving locations. Ugh. I waited a week and when I knew I had to send it or miss my window I took a chance and sent it to where I thought he MIGHT be on Father’s Day.

He just arrived there this morning and so I have no idea if my gamble has paid off yet. I should find out soon…

It’s a bit harder to celebrate Father’s Day when the father in question is not there. We don’t feel sad today though. We feel proud. This incredible man of mine chose to honor his duty to his country and serve in the military. He did this knowing what it meant. Hell, he got out and then did it again so he REALLY knows. He may not be here this Father’s Day but we can love him and celebrate him all the same.

To all the dads not able to be with their kids on Father’s Day: know that they love you and they wish they could hug and kiss you.

P.S. if my husband is reading this, rest assured that I will still make you a nice steak dinner… and then eat it myself.

Happy Father’s Day!