I have an affliction. Random thoughts keep me up at night. Some call it insomnia and I would agree, but the thoughts are mainly things I need or want to do. There is a list constantly running in my head. I think of seven things I have to do today and then 5 minutes later its gone. But at the end of the day I realize I didn’t do one of those things and my brain goes all wonky on me. 

My solution to this was to write things down. My problem has been that I then lose said scraps of paper that I write things down on. So I created a bullet journal. Yes, I know, very hipster of me. But it actually has been working somewhat. All my tasks are written down in one place that I can easily find. It makes life simpler. I find that i hold myself accountable for things that I write down.

Here’s my dilemma: things that are not mine to do. If it is my responsibility, I will generally get it done. But then I have this wish list of things that I would like to have done and it masquerades as my Honey-Do list. This list is written on a dry-erase board in the kitchen. Where everyone can see it. I write down things around the ranch that need to be done. Some of them I do and then erase. Some of them Rick does and then I erase them. But some of them have been on there for more than a year. Yes, a year long to-do list. These are on there because they are the non-specific items. The if-we-have-time items. They are also items that aren’t clearly any one person’s responsibility. If I put “build a chicken coop” on the list then we both know that is Rick’s domain because although I would give it a valiant effort, I would also probably end up building a vaguely square shaped creation that the chickens would refuse to use. If I put “de-worm the horses” we know that’s my domain because, well lets face it, the horses like me better and I can catch them.

When I write down these things they miraculously leave my brain, thus absolving me of the responsibility of remembering it and then doing it. I feel a sense of accomplishment in writing them down so it temporarily gives me a reprieve from doing them. 

In the end Rick thinks these are things that I wrote down to remind myself to do and I think they are things I am writing down so that he will see them and do them. In the end they simply don’t get done. Maybe I need a new system or maybe I need to just forget it

So here’s my goal, my pledge to myself: By the time Rick returns, I will have done them all and the to-do list will be empty. For a while at least.