img_5094I was pretty determined not to celebrate Christmas this year. Step one: no tree.

As you may know, I am not feeling very festive with Rick gone. Add that to the fact that I have a one year-old bent on destruction and chaos and I just thought a tree was a bad idea. I figured it could sit in it’s box in the garage this winter and be just fine for next year.

When I mentioned this to my best friend she was appalled. She has no fewer than 7 Christmas trees in her house and she starts decorating after Halloween. Which makes her crazy in my book… but maybe her craziness is why we get along so well. She told me to suck it up and do Christmas. I laughed and said yeah without ever fully committing to “doing Christmas”. My intention was to just keep on putting it off until it was too late to put up the tree.

Then on Thanksgiving I mentioned this to my brother and his response changed my mind. He said I was shortchanging my kids by not giving them a tree. He said Ty needs a tree and to see presents under it like normal. He’s right, I owe them normal.

So this weekend I got the tree and all the decorations out of the garage and set them up. There are even presents under it thanks to my dad. I asked Ty to help and as I told him the story behind some of our ornaments I began to feel a bit more festive. I put the baby jail/gate around it to prevent little hands from destroying my most precious ornaments. I also realized that my loved ones were right, even though I may not be feeling it as strongly doesn’t meant that I should cheat my kids out of Christmas.

No more bah-humbug attitude for me, let’s do Christmas!